Stunning Kitchen Remodel

This gorgeous kitchen remodel brings in elements of Old World style to create a cozy yet sophisticated design reminiscent of French cottages. The focus is on light, bright whites that help visually expand the size of the space and help contrast the darker elements.

Most of the space is characterized by warm whites in the cabinets, walls, and countertops. This is the perfect place for entertaining many guests or preparing delicious meals for the family. It features an extensive range with built-in ovens underneath and an equally large hood to whisk away any smoke or fumes.

The hood and range are the first dark elements introduced in the design. They help create visual interest and help anchor the large island, which also features dark wood.

The soft, warm browns of the flooring and warmer grays of the island help add warmth to an otherwise neutral space. Adding to that are the fixtures, which are also brushed metallic bronze.

The owners chose a simple but classic subway tile in a running pattern for a backsplash. The only exception is behind the range, which breaks up the horizontal lines by shifting the subway tiles into a chevron pattern. Once again, this draws the eye visually.

The cabinets also bring texture into the space. To get some Old World charm into the design, the kitchen remodel took advantage of traditional-style cabinets with trims and beveled doors for added depth and decoration. At the top, the cabinets alternate between solid doors and windows that allow the owners to display dinnerware.

Windows at the head of the sink and next to the hooded range provide ample lighting, allowing all kitchen remodel elements to glow. The natural light helps the wood flooring and island cabinets shine, despite their darker tones. It also helps illuminate the glossy granite countertops and brushed metal elements.

A kitchen like this also needs enough counter space to support all the cooking and entertaining the owners want. This is accomplished through a long, almost unbroken stretch of granite countertops that reach from one wall to another. The island also provides more space for prep, space for potential seating, and an extra sink for dishes or rinsing off produce.

In the far-left corner is a wine fridge, perfect for parties. With a glass door, anyone can easily see what is available, whether they need it for cooking or sharing with friends.

It also provides a bit of class to the space, reminiscent of those high-class restaurants that show off their wine selection. If that is not enough, there is another fridge, perfect for nonalcoholic beverages, allowing guests and family members to see and select their drinks easily. It also features counter space on either side for their coffeemaker.

This kitchen remodel proves that leaning into classic styles and including Old World influences does not make the design dated. It can bring coziness, charm, a bit of romanticism, and even elegance to the overall space. It was the perfect fit for this classically styled residence.