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What Is an ADU or Casita?

ADUs refer to small residential dwellings that are either attached or detached from a main home. They consist of a separate entrance, a full bath, and a kitchen. They are also called granny flats, guest houses, casitas, in-law units, accessory apartments, multi-generational homes, backyard cottages, secondary suites, and companion units.

These tiny homes are often built in front of properties, but they can also be found in the backyard or elsewhere on your property. Examples of ADUs include a basement apartment, a garage conversion, and an apartment over the garage. Secondary suites or granny flats are also considered part of the primary house, and you cannot sell them separately. However, you can turn them into a rental unit to earn extra income.

Accessory dwelling units are often found in luxury homes, but any homeowner can build an ADU in Rancho Bernardo. Fortunately, with more relaxed rules and requirements regarding building and owning an additional dwelling unit, making the journey to owning a casita is much smoother. Regarding the size of your unit, it can be up to 50% of a single-family home’s size or a maximum of 1200 square feet. Regardless of the size and design that you want, Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling will satisfy your needs and priorities.

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Benefits Of Building A Casita In Rancho Bernardo

Home prices in San Diego County are increasing, making it more challenging to find a new home to accommodate your growing family. You do not always have to find a new house, though. You just need to be strategic and maximize the current space that you have. Whether you have a returning adult child or an aging parent, a granny flat makes for a great living space for your loved ones. They live close to you, but they can still enjoy their independence, so it is a win-win situation.

Another major advantage to owning a casita is that you can have a passive income. You can welcome Airbnb guests and then use the money to pay your bills, mortgage, and other responsibilities. Moreover, you can use the unit as private accommodation for your guests. You can create a home office, studio, or workout space, too. 

The decision to build a casita in Rancho Bernardo can help you increase your property value as well. Knowing the potential for additional income, potential buyers will be willing to buy your house at a higher price. From low-cost housing to additional income, there is no wonder why ADUs are becoming a popular option for Rancho Bernardo homeowners.

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Types of ADU's in Rancho Bernardo

Exploring Different Kinds Of ADUs

You can opt for an attached, detached, conversion, or junior ADU, depending on your needs. 

An attached ADU can be compared to creating an additional room in your house, but this time, you build its own entrance, bathroom, and kitchen. This means that you still have the right amount of privacy even when it’s connected to the major dwelling. Access is also easy, so it works well for a home office, gym, or space for your older parents.

A detached ADU refers to an isolated living area with the look and feel of a small house. These types of ADUs are often situated in the backyard, and they usually give you the most privacy, so they’re great for renters looking for a private space.

With conversion ADUs, you convert a certain room or space into a separate independent living space. A common example is a garage conversion. You can also use an attic or basement, a shed, or a pool house to build conversion ADUs. These tend to be lower cost than other options because you can just maximize the existing structures. 

The last type is a junior ADU, which are smaller ADUs that must not go beyond 500 square feet. You can have efficient kitchens, but you can share the bathroom of the primary house.

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