Rancho Santa Fe Whole Home Remodeling

Rancho Santa Fe is a gorgeous place to call home. You should have a house to match! Old appliances and fixtures make your spaces feel outdated. Floor plans that worked several decades ago can become stale and outdated over time as well. Every homeowner deserves to have the house of their dreams. Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling believes in making your dreams a reality, and our team of experts can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

What Is Whole Home Remodeling?

What does the phrase ‘whole home remodeling’ mean? Simply put, this type of renovation involves more than one room being redone at a time. This could mean anything from remodeling your first floor to a smaller project focused on the master bedroom and bathroom. By choosing this option, your rooms can be cohesive and flow into each other.

The scope of the project itself is completely up to you. Whatever rooms you decide to renovate, Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling has the knowledge, skill, and practice to make your house into your dream house. Our professional team handles all aspects of the process, giving your project the attention it deserves. We also work efficiently so you can go back to enjoying your Rancho Santa Fe property.

Why Whole Home Remodeling?

There are multiple reasons why your house needs an entire makeover. This can make it overwhelming when deciding what rooms to tackle first. Below, we’ve listed some of the common factors people consider before settling on the scope of their project.

Personalize Your Space: You’re probably not your house’s first owner. This means the previous owner designed the space to suit their needs, not yours. To make it into a space that’s truly yours, why not remodel the entire space before you move in?

Your house can also grow stale as time passes and needs change. You’ve done your best to work with what you have over the years, but that no longer works for you or your needs. You may think the answer is to move into a new property, but that’s a time-consuming, stressful, and expensive process. Remodeling solves this problem by customizing the spaces just for you.

Accommodations For Disability And The Elderly: Your house should never feel inaccessible to you. Unfortunately, as you grow older or as your mobility decreases, certain parts of your home become more difficult to access than before. Renovating to install railing and ramps where there used to be stairs or lower your cabinets so your items are more easily reached can greatly improve your property value and your enjoyment of all your rooms.

Multi-Generational Living: Most homes are designed for single-family living. This layout doesn’t always work for homeowners, though. For people with multiple generations of their family living under the same roof, you may need to change the floor plan to better fit your living situation. Turn the unused closet into a new bathroom or the old office into another bedroom. A whole home remodel is the best way to transform your home into a space for multiple generations of your family.

Modernization And Efficiency: Many homes in San Diego were built decades ago, and if the previous homeowners haven’t updated anything, they will likely still feature outdated appliances. The floorplan may also have been built without Wi-Fi or modern conveniences in mind. A whole home remodeling project is the perfect way to bring your house into the modern-day by updating your out-of-date appliances. Updating electricity will also make your house more energy-efficient, saving you money on monthly electrical costs. Make your home beautiful and save money!

Good Room Flow: Each room should easily transition into the next in a well-designed house. This becomes difficult, though, when rooms are updated one at a time. It makes everything feel fragmented instead of cohesive, and it can highlight the flaws of older rooms, too. Widening the scope of your project allows you to make your rooms flow together to form a unified home design. The larger the project, the better your rooms can transition into each other.

Rancho Santa Fe Whole Home Remodeling Contractor

Differences Between Whole Home Remodeling And Single Room Projects

Lower Overall Cost: Remodeling one room costs less than a whole home remodel, but only initially. If you plan to redo your whole space over time, it’s actually more cost-efficient overall to knock out multiple rooms at once. You avoid the hassle of reapplying for necessary permits repeatedly, finding the same or similar products months or years after the initial remodel to get another room to match, and packing up to allow construction to begin.

Our team of experts can take care of a whole home project from start to finish. We make the overall product better and finish quicker than if you remodeled each room individually.

Design Consistency: Remodeling your property room-by-room leaves the rooms in your house disconnected from each other. It makes outdated designs more noticeable and frustrating to live with. There’s also a chance that spreading out projects over a long period of time can lead to products being discontinued before you complete your renovation. This will either leave your home feeling disjointed or force you to update everything again in order to create a cohesive interior.

Every room in your house should feel like it has a purpose. Kaminskiy’s team can make every part of it feel like a beautiful detail in a greater piece of art. 

Why Choose Kaminskiy For Your Rancho Santa Fe Remodeling Project?

Our team keeps your wants and needs above all else. We want to make sure you’re happy with your finished space, so we keep you in close contact throughout the whole process to make sure you love the finished product.

Our process begins with a complimentary consultation at your home so that our team can better understand your space and what you want out of it. After that, one of our world-class designers will meet with you to show you the initial design we’ve generated. We blend your wants with modern technology and the latest trends to make something that will last for decades. Then we meet with you at our design center to go over the final design and outline the construction process. Once this design is approved, the remodeling process is officially set in motion.

We also take you shopping for any materials, fixtures, and colors you want for your space. After we find the right ones, our team takes care of filling out the right paperwork for any permits the city requires. When the construction starts, we will send you consistent updates on the progress. Once it’s finished, we’re so confident that you’ll love the final design that we throw a celebration to break into the new space!

It’s rare for homeowners to see their dream living space come to life. Don’t let your excitement for your dream design fade away. Let our team of design and construction experts take care of your whole home remodeling project. Call Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling and schedule your complimentary consultation today!