San Diego Home Additions

No matter how long you’ve lived in your San Diego home, there comes a time when you get tired of the existing floorplan.  You might even consider completely renovating your existing home or buying a new property. Instead, add on to what’s already there and make the floorplan work for you. Building a home addition comes at a substantially lower cost than buying a new property and can help you enjoy your space again. Not only that, but it will add property value.

But what should you add? There are a many different types of home additions, so choosing which room to add can be quite difficult. A great way to decide which type is best for you is to explore your options and how they might benefit you. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Add A Sunroom

If your home doesn’t already have a sunroom, you should add one. An open room with lots of windows lets in natural light and can bring new life to your living area. Build out into your backyard to add a nice dining room with a view that still protects you from pesky bugs or replace your front porch with a beautiful sitting area to relax and entertain guests. Take advantage of San Diego’s year-round sunshine and gorgeous landscape.

Increase the Size of Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. Expanding your floor plan to give yourself more space is one of the best ways to get the most out of your kitchen. You could add a bump-out that makes the division clearer between your kitchen and dining room. Add an island while you’re expanding the kitchen and expand the countertops for more prep space. Give yourself the room you need to cook.

Bathroom Addition

Add Extra Bathrooms

A bathroom may not be the first room to come to mind when thinking about adding to your house. Expanding your bathroom or building a new one can add more functionality to your living space. Build a powder room for guests downstairs or add a bathroom next to the guest bedroom so everyone has the space and privacy they need to get ready in the morning. You can also increase the square footage of your master bathroom to make it feel more open.

Adding A Bump Out

Adding onto your bedroom with a bump-out is great if you want to increase your space but don’t have the money for a full room addition. Bumping out one of your bedroom’s walls makes your room feel more open. This added space also allows you to have additional furniture or decorations in your room that couldn’t previously fit. This is one of the lowest cost expansions, but the change it will add to your home isn’t something to ignore.

Add More Bedrooms

A room addition, whether small or large, will add a lot to your house. You could have many reasons for adding a new bedroom. Make it into another guest bedroom if the rest of your house is full or turn it into an office. The new bedroom can be made to your size specifications, so you have every opportunity to make it into something special.

Balcony Addition San Diego

Adding a Deck or a Balcony

Building a deck or a sitting area attached to your master bedroom is a great addition to your home. Decks and balconies can add a lot of value onto your home. Adding an exterior sitting area in your backyard for dinners during summer will help you feel more connected to the space you live in. Adding a balcony onto your master bedroom creates a nice sitting area for reading or drinking your morning coffee.

Add a Second Story

Adding a second floor is one of the best ways of reinvigorating your home. Though it can be expensive, it is well worth the money. This addition allows you to build an upstairs master bedroom or add in a couple of guest bedrooms. You can also expand your existing second story to include an attached balcony to your room or add a den for extra living room space or a place to relax and entertain. 

The added square footage can add a lot of value to your existing property. A story addition is the best way to change the look and layout of your home and increase the property value.

Considering a Home Addition? Contact Us!

Many homeowners come to face the simple fact that they’ve grown tired of their existing home layout. The solution shouldn’t automatically be to sell your current property and buy another or completely gut the existing interior and redo it from top to bottom. Build on what’s already there instead. Home additions are the perfect opportunity for you to breathe a second life into your living space.

This addition is as much an investment as it is a passion project, so you shouldn’t trust this project with a contractor who might cut corners. Get a professional team to make your home addition dreams a reality. You deserve a design and remodeling company who makes sure your home gets all the love and care it deserves. The team at Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling can help you find the right San Diego home addition for you. Our professionals will consistently ask for your feedback so that we can create the space of your dreams. Contact us to get your free design consultation and create your dream home today!

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