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Property Brothers Can Teach You About Home Remodeling

If you’ve watched the show Property Brothers on HGTV, then you know the drill. Drew Scott, real estate agent extraordinaire, takes his client to an absolutely gorgeous dream home and then drops the bomb.

The perfect castle is always hopelessly out of the client’s price range. Zoom in on the client’s sad face. Not to worry, though, Drew’s twin brother, Jonathan, is ready to explain that any home–even the most hopeless wreck–can be turned into a dream home with the right remodel. 

Good thing he happens to be a master general contractor. The Property Brothers may be hamming it for the camera, but their message is sound. Any house can be transformed with the right modifications.

A good remodel will not only increase a house’s market value but will also turn it into a client’s personalized dream home. Here’s what Drew and Jonathan Scott, the Property Brothers, can teach you about choosing the right remodel for long-term home value.

Determine the Size of Your Home Remodel Project

It seemed hopeless. Drew ushered his clients, Tom and Bridget, into a worn-down home with a bizarre kitchen designed to look like a 50’s diner. The “Dingy Diner,” as Drew nicknamed the property, was perfectly situated to cut down on Tom’s commute and was in a desirable, family-friendly neighborhood. 

Drew encouraged his clients to consider the home’s location and to believe that everything they didn’t like about the home could be changed. They put their faith in Jonathan and weren’t disappointed. By the time Jonathan and his remodel crew were done with the place, it looked like a brand-new home. Jonathan proved that even the most hopeless home can be completely revived with the right remodel.

Keep an Open Mind About Home Design Trends

When Drew led his clients, Marc and Ashleigh, through a disastrous home permanently stuck in the 80s, the horror culminated in the disco bedroom complete with a pink felt bed stand and the Pepto Bismol pink bathroom. The house was huge and in a desirable location, but it’d been on the market for over a year because its design was so bizarre and outdated. Most homebuyers just couldn’t see the home’s true potential. 

San Diego Home Remodel and Design

This was fortunate for Marc and Ashleigh. Drew was able to get the home below the asking price because the homeowner was desperate to get rid of the property. Jonathan then tore up the “Disco Love Shack” and turned it into Marc and Ashleigh’s dream home.

The lesson of the Love Shack is that highly specific remodeling may pet your ego in the short term, but it can just as easily scare away home buyers when it comes time to move. That doesn’t mean you can’t remodel with a little personality, but keep in mind that trends do fade. The more personalized you go, the bigger the re-sale challenge.

Hardwood Floors Are Always Trending

There’s a reason Jonathan often suggests hardwood flooring to his clients. In other cases, his team will discover hardwood floors beneath the tacky carpet and will re-sand and stain it for beautiful results. Jonathan is onto something. Hardwood floors have excellent resale value.

According to HouseLogic.com, brand-new hardwood floors will offer a return of 91% when the home is sold–one of the best returns on investment remodels. Refinishing a hardwood floor will give you a 100% return on your investment.

Remodel With Hardwood Floors

Research the typical return you can expect for any remodel you are considering. You might be surprised to discover that things like upgrading the landscaping, adding a new roof, or even putting on a garage door have some of the highest returns on investment.

You don’t regularly see Jonathan and crew putting on a garage door, but you might want to think about it for your San Diego home. The best way to get a sense of return on investment for remodels in San Diego is to download the Cost vs. Value report at www.remodeling.hw.net.

Value Is More Than Just Re-Sale Value

All you need to do is watch the faces of Drew and Jonathan’s clients when they step over the threshold of their newly remodeled home. Get ready for stunned expressions, huge grins, and teary eyes. The joy of these new homeowners is palpable. What was once a “Dingy Diner” or a gross “Disco Love Shack” has been transformed into the house they always dreamed of.

In these moments, it doesn’t matter that an upscale bathroom remodel only gives a 61.6% return on investment. What matters is that Bridget got her backsplash, Ashleigh got her huge standalone tub and walkthrough closet, and Gina got her gorgeous French doors.

There’s a reason that the remodels featured on Property Brothers almost always include a huge kitchen remodel, master bedroom remodel, and master bath remodel. It’s because these are the rooms that mean the most to homeowners–where they entertain, cook, seek refuge from the world, and relax.

The value of a home remodel isn’t just about its resale value. It’s also about its value to you. How much do you wish you had a kitchen that would actually let you entertain? Or a huge walk-in closet that could contain your wardrobe or a master bathroom with a dual sink vanity so you and your spouse don’t have to fight for space? In other words, how much is your quality of life and domestic bliss worth?

We at Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling aren’t a pair of handsome, camera-ready twins. Sorry. But we are a family-run business with deep ties in San Diego. We’ve been creating dream homes in San Diego for over fifteen years and want to help you create your dream home next! Contact us to schedule a remodel consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main message of the Property Brothers on their HGTV show?

The main message of the Property Brothers is that any house, regardless of its initial state, can be transformed into a dream home with the right remodel.

Why did Drew nickname a particular property as the “Dingy Diner”?

Drew nicknamed a property the “Dingy Diner” because it had a bizarre kitchen designed to look like a 50’s diner.

What lesson can be learned from the “Disco Love Shack” episode?

The lesson is that while highly specific remodeling might cater to individual tastes in the short term, it can deter potential homebuyers when selling. Personalized designs may pose resale challenges as design trends change over time.

Why are hardwood floors considered a good choice for home remodeling?

Hardwood floors are valued for their excellent resale value. Brand-new hardwood floors can offer a return of 91% when the home is sold, and refinishing an existing hardwood floor can give a 100% return on investment.

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