Carmel Valley Home Remodeling

Living in your home should make you feel happy and relaxed. The rooms should flow together, and your space should have an energy that matches your lifestyle and personality. When your current layout feels stale and boring, you don’t have to sell and move. Redesign and remodel the rooms in your Carmel Valley, CA home to breathe a new life into the old design instead.

Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling has the knowledge and skill to turn your home into a space that you enjoy. Our team always puts your needs first, no matter the project, so you can be sure our work will meet your standards. We offer services throughout the entire San Diego area. Contact our office today!

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Whole Home Remodeling Company Carmel Valley

Sometimes, your entire floor plan doesn’t fit your needs, or your entire space feels stale and uninspired. While it might be tempting to look for another house, the chances you’ll find one exactly to your specifications are slim. The best solution to this problem is remodeling your entire Carmel Valley home. You can even tackle multiple projects simultaneously so the design flows from one room to another.

Your property should reflect your personality. Remodeling the floor plan is the perfect way to breathe new life into a tired, old design. Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, tear out old flooring to make way for more luxurious materials, add new light fixtures, and rearrange walls to get the design you want. Create a living space for you and your lifestyle. Home remodeling projects give you room to get creative and ambitious with your dreams. Our entire team wants you to enjoy your home for years. As an award-winning Carmel Valley Whole Home Remodeling Contractor, we are confident we can deliver the results you desire.

Carmel Valley Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Kitchens are often the most lived-in room in your house. From dinner parties to time spent cooking meals and even eating in your kitchen instead of the dining room, this is often where everyone gathers. You want your kitchen to make a good impression! Outdated designs can make the space feel uninviting to you and your guests. You might even find it has plumbing or electrical issues as equipment and fixtures age.

Carmel Valley Kitchen Remodeling Company

You could try to repair the problems yourself or hire someone else to do it, but the best solution is to remodel the entire room! The old layout might not fit your personality or needs, so why not change the design to something that better matches what you want out of a kitchen? You can replace countertops, change out fixtures, and even have our team replace old plumbing and electrical so you can be sure your kitchen is up to the highest standards. Make your kitchen somewhere you’d love to cook in!

Room Addition Contractor Carmel Valley

Growing your family can mean realizing you don’t have enough space for everyone, including guests. Or maybe you need an office so you can work from home without any distractions. Room additions are the perfect way to add more space, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll accommodate everyone. Whether you need more space for a new member of the family or an office so that you can work from home more comfortably, our team can get it done. Finding a new house with all the rooms you need can be a difficult process, so remove the stress and simply add to your existing floor plan.

You might need just a little bit more space. Bumpouts are a smaller solution to this problem. Instead of adding another room or completely redoing your entire floor plan, expand the space by bumping out a wall in your kitchen, office, or anywhere you need that extra space to fit your needs.

No matter the project or room, our team of professionals can handle all parts of the design and construction process so you’re worry-free.

Carmel Valley Bathroom Remodeling Company

Despite us using it every day, the bathroom is often the most overlooked room in the house. It can help set the mood at the start or end of your day as you prepare for work or unwind after a long, hard work week. Updating your bathrooms to be more pleasing can increase your own feelings of well-being and relaxation. Whether you need a spa-like space or something functional with plenty of storage for all your needs, remodeling your bathroom can get you exactly what you are looking for.

Bathroom Remodeling Company In Carmel Valley

One of the first places people tend to look when purchasing a new property is the bathroom. That shouldn’t come as a surprise: no one wants a ratty old bathroom. Updating your bathrooms now can only add value should you ever plan to sell. Get started on making your bathrooms the relaxing and beautiful space you’ve dreamed about.

Outdoor Living Space Contractor Carmel Valley

When considering a remodel, exterior spaces are not often high on the list of priorities, but they should be. Your property might be feeling lifeless and uninspired. Don’t let it go to waste! Breathing new life into your backyard or your front yard is a perfect way to bring back some joy into your home. You should feel comfortable no matter where you spend your time, so why not give some attention to your outdoor spaces? They can really make a difference in the way it looks and feels!

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Outdoor Living Contractor Carmel Valley

Take advantage of the beautiful Southern California weather! Features such as barbeques, outside kitchens, or pools and spas can add value and bring you a source of joy and entertainment. The outdoors makes for a great entertainment space all year round! Don’t underestimate the value and enjoyment you can gain from remodeling your exterior.

Carmel Valley Granny Flats/ADUs Construction

While guest rooms can be a great addition, sometimes you and your guests might want a bit more privacy, especially for long-term visitors. Choose to invest in an ADU or accessory dwelling unit, and offer a place where your guests can be comfortable. Also known as granny flats, these function as their own smaller, private residences detached from the main house. They make a good option for multigenerational families, too, providing all the comfort and amenities of a normal home.

ADUs can also act as rentable space! Increase the value of your property and make money off the extra living space. Building a granny flat can open up a world of possibilities.

Universal Design Contractor Carmel Valley

Your home should be the place where you spend the most time, but as we age, this might become harder. Stairs, high tubs, and other features may prove difficult obstacles for us to overcome. Universal design can change that. Its focus is on making living areas accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability. Part of that can include taking advantage of existing technology to install sensors and other smart features that make life easier.

Making your space more accessible doesn’t have to be difficult. Our team can install ramps, railings, or other features to make your house a home again. These renovations can even lead to an increase in the value of your property! Take the hassle out of your property, and let us use our years of expertise to change the property into something you can enjoy.

Our Process

Kaminskiy wants to help you create the home that you’ve always wanted. We begin our process by seeing the space you want to be redone in person and getting all the important measurements and details. This includes finalizing the design and making any necessary changes before our team begins construction. From there, we will keep you informed about the progress we make during the entire project.

We will also show you the materials we will be using so that you know exactly what’s going into your new project. Our remodeling professionals can take care of any permits and other paperwork needed to make your dream home a reality. You can rest knowing that your project is in the hands of professionals.

Let our experienced team create the space you’ve always wanted. Contact our office today, and we’ll set up a consultation and figure out what you want and how to get it done!