Poway Home Remodeling

You should love to spend time with family and friends and relax in your home, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, your rooms just don’t reflect your lifestyle or personality, making them feel stale and uninviting. You could sell your current place and move, but why go through the hassle when remodeling can fix all these problems for you?

Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling’s goal is to help you create the perfect custom home. We believe the key to success is making our clients’ spaces into something they adore; don’t move, improve! We can take your old Poway residence and make it the place of your dreams. Our success comes from putting the homeowner’s needs first, so our team listens to you so we can get it right. We offer our services throughout San Diego County, including Poway. Contact our office today so we can get started bringing your dream home to life!

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Whole Home Design and Remodeling Company Poway

The problem with your property might not be the lack of space but the lack of joy. Only remodeling one room won’t bring that back for you. Instead, consider redoing your entire space from top to bottom. Whole home remodeling can mean as little as two or three rooms to as many as the whole house! Need several spaces redone at once? Get those projects finished at the same time and get your dream space sooner.

Focusing one room at a time can make some rooms feel out-of-place and disjointed without having a unified interior design. Make sure your spaces flow together by redoing multiple rooms at the same time! Your property won’t be left looking like several spaces pieced together; instead, it’ll be a harmonious space where you can relax. Redesign your entire space to fit your style. Hire an award-winning Poway whole home remodeling contractor today to get the best results!

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Poway

Though it may come as a surprise, the kitchen is the most lived-in space. From dinner parties to cooking dinner for your family, the kitchen should be a place where you and your guests feel comfortable. Old fixtures and outdated designs and appliances can set the wrong atmosphere, leaving you uninspired. You might even have to redo plumbing and electrical to fix all the problems you have with your space.

Kitchen Remodeling Company Poway

You could try to do this all yourself, but the best solution is an entire kitchen remodel. Not only can you change the floor plan to better fit your cooking style, but you can update everything from the walls to the countertops and appliances. Create a space that brings you joy and sparks your culinary side. Once you know what you want out of your dream kitchen, find the right professionals to get the job done so you can enjoy your new space.

Poway Room Addition Contractor

Whether your family is growing and you need more space, or you’ve just always wanted an office of your own, we can help fit everything you need with a room addition. While you might think finding a new house is the solution, it doesn’t have to be! Instead, just add an extra room or two so you can get more out of your space and avoid the hassle of relocating. Room additions are a great solution for helping everyone live comfortably.

You might not need an entirely new room, either. A little bit of space can go a long way, so bump out those walls! Bump outs are exactly what they sound like; they push a wall or walls further out in order to increase the square footage of your property by as little as a few inches. Whatever you need, it can greatly help make the most of the space you already live in.

This is an incredible opportunity for customization and adding value to your property, too. No matter what type of room or space you need, our team of experts can handle the process so you stay stress-free.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Poway

Bathrooms are one of the most overlooked areas in your home. You might not realize it, but you spend a lot of time getting ready for work or winding down after a long day at the office. You want a space that sets the mood for you, morning or evening. The best way to do this is by keeping your bathrooms updated and beautiful. You might prefer a serene, spa-like experience to help you reset and recharge. Or you might even prefer something a bit more functional, with plenty of storage for everything you need to feel your best. Remodeling your entire bathroom can get you the space you want.

Bathroom Remodel Design Poway

The state of the bathroom is also the first thing a potential buyer will look at when they tour your property. Bathrooms say a lot about how you’ve taken care of your property, especially if you haven’t remodeled or updated anything for a long time. Having a bathroom that’s beautiful and in great shape can go a long way to adding value to your property and enticing potential buyers. So, before you consider anything else, remodel your bathroom and get the kind of luxurious bathroom you’ve always dreamed about!

Poway Outdoor Living Space Contractor

The inside of your home isn’t the only place you can remodel. You might not have considered it, but you can choose to remodel your outdoor living areas, too! Stale and boring landscape design can leave you feeling just as uninspired. Every part of your property should be someplace you enjoy. Upgrading your exterior can also make a huge difference in the appearance of your property.

Outdoor living spaces make for great entertaining areas, especially in this gorgeous San Diego weather. Installing pools or shaded seating can help you and your family beat the heat during the summers while still enjoying the outdoors. Creating a cooking area outside also makes for memorable evenings spent enjoying the sunset. All of these features and more can even increase your property value if you ever decide to sell. Make the most of your front and backyards and create your dream space!

Granny Flats/ADU Construction Contractor Poway

Sometimes, you and your guests would like a little more privacy than a traditional guest room has to offer. You might even have an elderly parent who wants that sense of independence without the hassle of taking care of an entire house. With the right amount of space on your Poway property, you can create an additional dwelling unit or ADU. They are smaller, fully functioning residences detached from the main house but still on your property. This makes them perfect for any family, friends, or guests with extended stays or housing your parents!

Having a separate guest house will add a lot of value to your residence and allow for many possibilities, including creating an Airbnb business. This brings you income and increases property value without too much work! No matter what you use the space for, adding an ADU is a great project.

Universal Design Contractor Poway

All the spaces in your home should be accessible to everyone, no matter their abilities or age. With the help of universal design, you can make sure you accomplish just that. These renovations can range from small improvements to larger projects that help maintain and improve the overall value and usability of your space. You want somewhere to age gracefully without having to worry about factors like managing your two-story house when stairs become an issue. Advancements in design and technology have also made it easier to make your spaces work for you, especially by adding sensors to suit your needs.

Making spaces accessible can be difficult on your own, but a professional design-build company can do all these changes and more for you. Whether it’s installing ramps and railings or expanding doorways and halls, our team can make your house feel like a home again. We have experience making our clients’ properties into places they’ll love forever, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Remodeling your residence to be more universal can go a long way toward helping you feel comfortable and independent as you age.

Our Process

Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling is your best option for home remodeling services in Poway. We keep your needs and wants for the remodel in mind throughout the entire process, keeping you in the loop about what’s being built, where we’re at in the process, and when the project will be finished. We start with an in-home design consultation, where one of our designers will come into the space you want changed, take necessary measurements, and share some design suggestions. We then have you meet with the operations manager and the lead designer, who will provide different options for you to choose from.

After we finalize the design, we go over the materials you want, get all of the plans and permits ready, and then start the build. Our team of experts wants to help you renovate your Poway property into something you’ll love. Contact our office today and begin the process on your custom home!