La Jolla Home Remodeling

The home should be a place where you can relax and spend time with friends and family, and every part of it should reflect your personality. Your rooms should work with your lifestyle, not against it! You could try to sell your current property and find the perfect one, but that takes a lot of time and effort. Instead, why not redesign your home and breathe new life into your design?

Kaminskiy Home Design and Remodeling’s goal is to bring back joy into your La Jolla property. Our success comes from putting the homeowner’s needs first and turning their dreams into reality. We service homes throughout the San Diego area, including La Jolla. Contact our office today to begin creating the home you’ve been dreaming about!

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La Jolla Whole Home Remodeling Company

Sometimes, a single room isn’t the only part of your home that feels stale and uninviting. Your entire floorplan feels outdated and uninspiring, making you consider finding somewhere new. There’s no need! Instead of moving into a completely new space, rework things in your current space. You could choose to remodel a few rooms in your house or the entire floor plan. Get every space redone at the same time instead of individually.

When you only remodel one room at a time, you run the risk of it feeling disjointed and pieced together rather than having a unified design. By redoing multiple rooms at once, each space can be specifically designed to flow into the next one, creating a harmonious design. The entire house will fit right into your style and personality. Whole home remodeling projects also allow for more creative control when redesigning your entire property. Hiring Kaminskiy, the best Whole Home Remodeling Contractor in La Jolla will leave you with a home that you can enjoy for years to come.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor In La Jolla

Kitchens are the most lived-in room in your entire house. From dinner parties to having friends come over for a bit of wine and snacks, your kitchen is often where people gather. You want your kitchen to feel welcoming for these frequent guests and for your family, too, but outdated designs can have the opposite effect. Old stoves and countertops can make the room feel dreary. You might even be unaware of internal plumbing and electrical issues that need to be fixed.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor In La Jolla

You could update some of your kitchen yourself, including fixtures, or through simple repairs, but it is a time-consuming process and takes a lot of effort. By remodeling your kitchen, you can switch up the design to something that better fits your style of cooking and your personality. The fixtures in this room can be changed to something more modern, clean, and welcoming. Walls can be repainted, floors replaced, and any repairs you might need can be fixed right on the spot. Remodeling this room will help guests feel welcome and make dinner parties and gatherings at your house feel more luxurious and fun. Once you know what you want your dream kitchen to look like, hire professionals to bring it to life.

La Jolla Room Addition Contractor

Would you like to have your own personalized office? Or is your family adding another member, and you need a new room for them? Maybe you’re missing that extra guest room. Instead of searching for a property with all the space you need, add a room. Adding a new room is the perfect project for any homeowner who needs that extra space so everyone can live comfortably.

A little extra room can go a long way, too. Bumpouts are great options for extending a space without having to add an entirely new room. This improvement pushes out the walls of your property in order to add square footage. Expand the size of any room, whether it’s your kitchen, office, or spare room.

These additions are great for finding joy in your home again. Our team of experts can handle the entire process so you can be stress-free and enjoy the space as soon as it’s finished.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor La Jolla

Bathrooms are some of the most overlooked rooms in the house, but they’re one of the rooms where you spend the most time. It’s usually the first room you use to get ready for the day and the last one you use as you unwind after a long work week. By keeping your bathrooms looking updated and beautiful, you can get more enjoyment out of your space. A spa-like atmosphere is excellent for setting a serene mood at the beginning or end of a day, or you might need a functional space with a lot of storage. You can get the area you want by remodeling your entire bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor La Jolla

Remodeling is also a good idea if you plan to sell. The first thing many people look at when buying a property is the bathroom, and for good reason. Your bathrooms can say a lot about how well you’ve taken care of your home over the years, including any remodels you’ve done. Bathrooms that are up-to-date and look in good shape can bring a lot of value to your property and attract buyers! Don’t hesitate to bring your bathroom dreams into reality.

Outdoor Living Space Contractor La Jolla

The outside of your property should make you just as happy and comfortable as your interior spaces. You might think remodeling applies to the outdoors, but it can bring a lot of new life and joy to your property. You’d be surprised at what a difference redoing your front and backyard will make!

From the addition of water features, like pools, to adding an outdoor firepit or even an outdoor kitchen or barbeque, this space should be something you love. With Southern California’s beautiful weather year-round, why not take advantage of it? Outdoor living spaces are perfect for entertaining guests or just enjoying the beautiful outside world. Gorgeous landscaping and other features can also add a lot of value to your property if you ever decide to sell. Make the most of your outdoor spaces and enjoy it!

La Jolla Granny Flats/ADUs Construction

While guest rooms are useful, sometimes you and your guests need a bit more privacy than they can afford. With just a little space on your La Jolla property, you can install a granny flat. Also known as additional dwelling units or ADUs, these spaces act as smaller, fully functioning homes detached from the main house. They’re ideal for any family members, friends, or other guests who come to visit, especially if they’re staying for an extended period of time.

You can also use your ADU to earn money by hosting it as an Airbnb or other rentable space. It will give you extra income and increase the value of your property! With an ADU, there are so many ways you can make it work for you.

Universal Design Contractor La Jolla

No part of your home should be inaccessible to you or your guests, especially because of your age or abilities. Universal design is the solution to make those spaces comfortable for everyone who lives there or visits. These types of renovations help maintain and improve the overall value and design of your spaces. You want a home where you can age gracefully without worrying about whether you’ll be able to access certain areas in the future. Advancements in design and technology have made it even easier to do this with the addition of sensors.

Making your space accessible is no small project, so hiring a design-build company is your best option for getting it done easily. No matter your needs or what you need to be installed, our team can do the work it takes to make a house a home again. We have decades of experience making our clients’ homes work for their needs, so you don’t have to worry about the process. Remodeling is the best option to help you feel more comfortable and stay independent no matter your circumstances.

Our Process

Our team prides itself on being your best option for interior and exterior design and remodeling in the La Jolla area. We start our process by discussing the space and meeting with you to get an understanding of what you want out of your remodeled home. We even keep you in the loop throughout the entire process, from designing the rooms to actually picking out the materials. Once we’ve finalized the plans and have your approval, we can start construction. Our experts take care of any necessary permits so you can relax knowing your project is in good hands.

Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling wants to make your space into something that you’ll love for years. Our experienced staff have the skills and know-how to get your project done on time and to your specifications. No need to worry about miscommunication between the design and construction teams! Your space’s new design is just as important to us as it is to you. Contact our office today and begin the process toward your refreshed, beautiful home!