Smart Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Automation: Must Have Modern Appliance Features for Your Kitchen

First, it was smartphones. Then, smartwatches. Now, the world of automated, accessible-from-anywhere devices has entered the kitchen. Just as they’ve revolutionized the way we communicate and track our fitness, smart devices are poised to change the way you cook, clean, and store things in the most important room in the house.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of technology available and how to use them to efficiently automate your kitchen.

The Technology

  • Lower your monthly energy bill.
  • Save on grocery bills.
  • Save time
  • Live healthier
  • Create better meals more easily.
  • Increase Your Home Value.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerators The latest refrigerators don’t just keep perishables fresh–they track them. If you’ve ever wondered if your eggs are still good or hovered in the dairy section of the grocery store trying to decide the likelihood that your growing teenager drank the last of the milk (again), a smart fridge can help. See what’s in the fridge, as well as how long it’s been in there, right from your smartphone. Then, watch your grocery bill go down while less food goes to waste. 

Cooking From all-in-one cooking devices to programmable ovens and slow cookers, the latest appliances allow you to create meals you never thought you could or simply make your favorite dishes faster and easier. Other All-In-Ones If you’re tired of grinding the beans, brewing, and adding condiments to your coffee separately, you’re in luck. Many new appliances automate several steps or provide several functions to help you save time with activities such as making coffee, as well as allowing for less clutter on your countertops.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Prep Pad

Ever want to know exactly what’s in the food you’re preparing but don’t want to look up endless lists of foods or painstakingly take precise measurements? Simply chop your fruits, veggies, and other foods on the Prep Pad and use your smartphone or tablet to see nutritional content.

Washable Tablets

As your devices spend more time in the kitchen, they’re bound to get a little mucked up every now and then. Sony thought of that when they made their kitchen tablet easy to wash. Just run it under the faucet.

Smart Kitchen Fixtures

How often are your hands full and covered in whatever you’re making? If you’re like us, getting messy is all part of cooking. That’s why we love faucets with motion sensors. They help keep us (and our kitchens) sparkling.

Lighting Energy-saving bulbs can help you cut down your bill, but what about energy-saving fixtures? Installing motion sensors that shut off lights when no one’s in the kitchen can make a huge difference.

How to Do A Kitchen Remodel for Automation

With so much technology available, choosing the right items for your automatic kitchen remodel can make anyone’s head spin. But don’t let it make you feel overwhelmed. Instead, approach it like you would any other remodel: with research, a clear understanding of your budget and priorities, and professional help.

• Research

Just because a device is “smart” doesn’t mean it works perfectly or is backed by a great warranty. Some appliances, gadgets, and fixtures are made better than others, so make sure you buy from companies with a track record of value and service.

• Priorities

While the cost of automated kitchen technology will decrease over time, some of these devices may not fall into your budget right now. That’s okay. Choose the elements you most want to automate and get those first. Invest in the others later. Ensure you know your goals to add the infrastructure you’ll need, such as additional power outlets and a strong Wi-Fi signal in your kitchen.

Professional Kitchen Remodeling Help

Of course, the best way to ensure you get the best-automated kitchen for your needs is to hire an experienced team of professionals. Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling can help! We stay current on the latest trends and technology in kitchen remodeling so we can answer your questions, help you choose the best devices, and integrate them into a custom, beautiful design that’s both practical and functional. Call us today to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can smart kitchen devices offer?

Smart kitchen devices can lower your monthly energy bill, save on grocery bills, save time, promote healthier living, help create better meals more easily, and increase your home’s value.

How do the latest smart refrigerators assist in grocery management?

The latest smart refrigerators track perishables, allowing you to see what’s in the fridge and how long it’s been in there right from your smartphone. This can reduce food waste and save on grocery bills.

What are some examples of automated cooking appliances?

Examples include all-in-one cooking devices, programmable ovens, and slow cookers. These appliances can help create diverse meals or make your favorite dishes faster and easier.

What is the purpose of the Prep Pad in smart kitchen gadgets?

The Prep Pad allows users to chop fruits, veggies, and other foods and then use a smartphone or tablet to see the nutritional content of the prepared food.

What should one consider when planning a kitchen remodel for automation?

When planning an automated kitchen remodel, one should approach it with research, a clear understanding of budget and priorities, and professional help. It’s essential to buy from reputable companies, prioritize based on budget and desired features, and ensure the kitchen has the necessary infrastructure, like power outlets and a strong Wi-Fi signal.

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